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As an important type of fixed restoration product, dental implants have excellent comfort and a longer lifespan. Compared with crowns and bridges, dental implant surgery does not damage adjacent teeth. The force transfer and stress distribution of dental implants is very scientific, which makes them beneficial for protecting adjacent teeth and preserving alveolar bone. In addition, dental implants have more advantages in the long-term treatment effect on patients.

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Dental prosthetic implants

Eurasia dental implant lab can provide a wide range of restoration products. As a leading dental implant manufacturer from China, we specialize in prosthetic implants and offer a wide range of prosthetic implants, including custom abutments. Experienced technicians from our dental prosthesis laboratory are highly trained in the latest techniques and will support you through the entire workflow to ensure successful treatment outcomes.

Eurasia Dental Prosthesis Laboratory

Eurasia manufactures the finest dental implants in China, designed to give your customer a flawless smile that lasts a lifetime. With biocompatible materials, our dental implant lab provides a strong foundation and creates a natural-looking restoration that is unmatched in quality and durability. Trust Eurasia dental implant lab to deliver the perfect prosthetic implants you’ve always wanted.

Denture Overbar

Overdentures – also known as implant-supported dentures – are a removable alternative to full-arch dental prosthetic implants. Denture Overbars from our dental prosthesis laboratory are designed to be securely anchored for enhanced stability and patient comfort.


In a dental prosthesis laboratory, denture abutments are essential parts as they offer support, retention, and stability to removable prosthetic implant dentures. Our dental implant lab works with different types of abutments, including natural teeth, implants, precision attachments, and soft tissue support, which are customized to the specific needs of the patient.


  1. How do I get dentalprosthetic implants from Eurasia?

Eurasia dental implant lab can use traditional impressions or digital files to create a customized crown or bridge with the chosen material. While the customized crown or bridge is being made, maybe a temporary one will be set in place. Once the dental prosthesis implants are ready, our trusted logistics partners will deliver them to you ASAP.


  1. Why choose Eurasia dental implant lab?

Quality: Dental practices should look for dental implant manufacturers that have certified technicians. At Eurasia, our certified technicians will always support you.

Fast Lead Times: With efficient production processes and expedited shipping options, Eurasia dental implant lab in China can often provide quick turnaround times for orders.

One-Stop Dental Lab: Eurasia dental prosthesis laboratory offers a comprehensive range of services, including crown and bridge fabrication, denture manufacturing, orthodontic appliances, and more. Working with us allows dental professionals to streamline their workflow by outsourcing various tasks to a single reliable partner.

  1. What materials does the dental prosthesis laboratory supply?

Usually, dental implant manufacturers provide a diverse range of materials for crafting dental restorations. Such as metal alloys known for their strength, Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) offering a balance of strength and aesthetics. All-ceramic or zirconia options for a natural appearance, and etc.

At Eurasia dental implant lab, we ensures that all dental prosthesis implants meets the desired standards of durability and aesthetic appeal.


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