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Orthodontic Appliances

Eurasia Dental Lab can customize a range of orthodontic appliances to straighten misaligned teeth or malocclusions for your patients at affordable price and with superb customer service. These orthodontic appliances improve occlusion and aesthetics by applying appropriate force and pressure to gradually adjust the teeth into the correct position. We also offer a consultation service with our highly talented dental technicians for complex cases; therefore, the fabrication of your orthodontic appliance will be customized smoothly. Eurasia orthodontic laboratory’s quality workmanship and service dedication have become the choice for even quality-conscious orthodontist and dentists across the United States.

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Eurasia Orthodontic Lab

As one of the reputed digital orthodontic labs for practitioners, we carry variety of orthodontic appliances, including activators, space maintainers, various types of retainers, night guards, and specialized appliances like the Herbst and Twin Block. Additionally, we provide options for different material preferences, including metal, ceramic, and plastic braces. Each type is tailored to enhance patient comfort and aesthetic appeal while effectively addressing orthodontic corrections.

Types of orthodontic appliances we offer at Eurasia Dental Lab:

There are several types of orthodontic appliances we manufacture and provide to practitioners, including :

Fixed Appliances: Traditional metal braces that employ metals such as stainless steel and titanium for durability and hypoallergic properties. Another option available in this orthodontic appliance area is ceramic braces; they blend in with the teeth but demand careful eating habits to avoid problems with them.

Removable appliances: Posttreatment Hawley retainer, Twin Block appliance, Bionator appliance, and many others that produce minor corrections or adjustments.

Functional Appliances: Herbst appliance and Frankel devices, which are prescribed for growing children to correct developmental discrepancies.

Specialty orthodontic appliances include Rapid Palatal Expanders (RPE) to widen the upper jaw in cases of bite and alignment problems arising in young patients. Of these, the Dorsal Appliance is an appliance intended to be worn at night for the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring by bringing the jaw forward during the hours of sleep.

Each orthodontic appliance serves to need for specific orthodontic treatment and what the patient prefers.



What should be avoided when wearing an orthodontic appliance?

When the patient wears an orthodontic appliance, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. Including:

Foods: Avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods. Cut hard fruits and vegetables into small pieces.

Sugars and Acids: Limit sugary and acidic foods and drinks to prevent tooth decay.

Oral Hygiene: Brush after every meal and use floss threaders or water flossers designed for braces.

Sports: Wear a mouth guard during sports to protect your appliance and mouth.

Habits: Avoid nail-biting, pencil-chewing, and using your teeth to open packages.

Dental Visits: Keep up with regular orthodontic and dental check-ups.


What do orthodontic labs do?

Orthodontic labs are essential in the field of orthodontics, specializing in the design and manufacture of custom dental appliances. At Eurasia digital orthodontic lab, we concentrate on the design and production of individual dental appliances, which include braces, retainers, and aligners, based on the given prescription for the patient. Ensuring the precision and effectiveness of the device, we use advanced technologies like 3D printing and CAD/CAM. At our orthodontic dental lab, use durable, safe materials that meet strict health standards in all our orthodontic appliances. Working with orthodontists, we have constantly fine-tuned and perfected our appliances to ensure the best fit and function for each and every phase of the treatment.


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