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Our lab can customize a range of orthodontic appliances to straighten misaligned teeth or malocclusions for your patients. These products improve occlusion and aesthetics by applying appropriate force and pressure to gradually adjust the teeth into the correct position.

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Metal orthodontic supplies

The universal material for the production of braces is metal. Various metals and alloys are used in the production: titanium, stainless steel, gold, and chrome. The main advantages of metal braces are durability and allergy-free. In the orthodontic lab, metal is used in all braces – even in transparent ceramic or sapphire brass.

Who should use metal braces?

Metal braces are recommended for patients who prioritize comfort and proper care.


Sapphire orthodontic laboratory

Aesthetic braces are mainly made from synthetic sapphire, a durable material. Unlike other braces, they remain transparent throughout treatment since they don’t absorb dyes. This also reduces the chances of them breaking or peeling off.

Who will use sapphire braces?

Patients with small lower teeth may benefit from sapphire locks, which are relatively more minor than ceramic and provide a more aesthetically pleasing and discreet treatment option.


Ceramic orthodontic appliance lab

Ceramic braces are designed for the aesthetic treatment and are white throughout the treatment. They are similar to sapphire braces in that respect. However, ceramics are more fragile than sapphire, which increases the risk of the braces breaking off, especially in the lid area. To ensure a comfortable treatment, you must follow a diet suitable for orthodontic patients, avoiding solid foods.

Who will need ceramic braces?

Patients who need aesthetic and less visible treatment.


Combined orthodontic appliance manufacturer

Combined braces are a compromise between price, aesthetics, and comfort. Less visible transparent locks are installed on the upper jaw, and more durable metal ones on the lower jaw. Since the lower teeth are partially hidden by the upper, the metal is not so noticeable, while the cost of treatment is less than for completely transparent braces. In addition, lower braces are more prone to chips, so installing metal braces will save you from unplanned visits to the orthodontist.

Who should use combined braces?

Patients seeking affordable aesthetic treatment can opt for combination braces featuring lingual braces on the upper jaw and ceramic braces on the lower jaw.


Plastic orthodontic supply company

The most affordable bracket system option is plastic braces. The locks on these braces are made of polyurethane or plastic, and their color is selected to match the enamel of the teeth. However, plastic braces are not very durable and lose their aesthetic appeal quickly. Additionally, since plastic is a porous material, it tends to absorb odors, tastes, and dyes.

During orthodontic treatment, the low cost of plastic braces may increase due to the need for frequent replacement of worn or chipped parts.

Who should use plastic braces?

Patients with good hygiene and simple bites are eligible for orthodontics.

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