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Streamline Your Dental Cases with Eurasia Digital Dental Lab​

How to Work with us?

At Eurasia Dental Lab, we simplify the process of sending your dental cases, whether they’re traditional impressions or digital files. As a leading digital dental lab, we’re equipped to handle all your requirements efficiently. If you’re a new customer interested in our services, please reach out through email or our contact form for detailed information about our diverse product offerings.

Effortless Digital and Physical Case Submissions

1.Download Your Dental RX Form

Initiate your seamless experience with our digital dental lab by downloading the RX form directly from our website. This standard form captures all the necessary details to ensure your case is processed according to your specifications.

2.Packaging Guidelines for Physical Cases

If you're sending physical models or impressions, proper packaging is crucial to ensure they arrive in excellent condition. Please follow these steps:
1、Remove old labels if reusing boxes, ensuring your package reaches our dental lab without delays.
2、Clean and seal all case materials, wrapping models individually with protective materials like bubble wrap, especially for delicate items such as wax-ups.
3、For items like loose crowns, bridges, implants, or shades, use a secure container or bag, labeled with the patient's name, and attach it to the RX form.
4、If sending alginate impressions, ensure the dental RX is placed in a sealed bag, keeping it dry and secure.
5、For multiple cases in one box, separate each with individual bags to avoid confusion.
Important Note: If shipping articulators or face-bows, either detach the models or secure each part separately to prevent damage during transit.

3.Production in Our Digital Dental Lab

Upon receipt, your cases are introduced into our streamlined production process at Eurasia Dental Lab. A dedicated team member is assigned for consistent follow-up, ensuring each step meets our high-quality standards indicative of a top-tier digital dental lab.

4.Return Delivery

Once your cases are ready, we arrange a prompt pick-up through our trusted logistics partners. Your completed orders are sent back using the safest and quickest methods available. Please communicate any specific shipping preferences or instructions to our dental lab’s customer service in advance.


Custom package service

At Eurasia Dental Lab, we understand that our clients have unique packaging requirements. That's why we extend a custom packaging service, specifically tailored for your dental solutions. If you require customized solutions, please reach out to our customer center via email. We would respond to your queries within 1-2 business days.
Customer Center: [email protected]

Free-of-Charge Sample Service

Aiming for a seamless introduction to the high standards of our digital dental lab, we offer a one-time free-of-charge sample service. This unique opportunity allows our prospective clients to experience the quality and precision of our various dental products, including dental crowns, bridges, and implant restorations.
1.The offer includes the samples and the shipping costs.
2.You may request up to 3 samples from our extensive product list.
To proceed, contact our customer service team with the following:
- Your Name
- Company Name
- Job Position
- Preferred Contact Method
- Specifics about the three dental product samples, including types, designs, and specifications related to RX forms if applicable.
- Shipping Address
- Additional specifications or requirements
Our team will promptly handle your request, ensuring you get a comprehensive insight into the range and quality of our dental lab offerings.
Please note, this free-of-charge sample service applies only to existing denture products listed in our catalog. We aim to provide you with firsthand experience of the precise craftsmanship and advanced technology employed by our digital dental lab.

Contact us

Have questions about our products or services? Submit an inquiry form or email our customer service team. Whether you’re curious about specific dental products, RX forms, or other services, we’re here to assist.

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At Eurasia Dental Lab, we’re a leading full-service dental lab and renowned denture manufacturer, known for our high-quality dental restorations and orthodontic appliances. We’re deeply committed to building strong, close-knit relationships with our dentists.

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