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Band and Loop Space Maintainer

At Eurasia Dental Lab, we specialize in high-quality orthodontic appliances, including our band and loop space maintainer. Designed to address the premature loss of a single tooth, this space retainer plays a crucial role in maintaining proper dental alignment and spacing, awaiting the eruption of permanent teeth.

Key Benefits:

Choosing our orthodontic space maintainer provides several significant advantages:

  1. Prevention of teeth crowding, a common issue that arises in the absence of a space maintainer.
  2. Maintenance of correct bite alignment, essential for proper jaw growth and dental function.
  3. Preservation of adequate room for the eruption of permanent teeth, reducing complications associated with impaction.
  4. Potential reduction in the need for more extensive orthodontic treatments in the future, saving time and resources.

Indications for use:

The band and loop space maintainer from Eurasia Dental Lab is particularly indicated following the premature loss of a single primary tooth. It acts as a reliable placeholder, preventing adjacent teeth from shifting into the vacant space and subsequently disrupting the natural alignment and spacing required for emerging permanent teeth.

Personalized Orthodontic Solutions with Eurasia Dental Lab

Eurasia Dental Lab is here to contribute to better patient outcomes through our specialized orthodontic appliances. Our focus is on creating high-quality orthodontic space maintainers and other essential tools that assist dental professionals in delivering successful, predictable treatment results. We employ advanced techniques to fabricate each space retainer, ensuring they meet the highest standards and meet individual patient needs. Request your free sample today.


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