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PFM Crown


The porcelain part of the PFM Crown is used to impart the natural tooth colour, while the metal part is used to add strength and durability to the crown.The substructure of this crown could be made from non-precious, semi-precious, or high-noble metals.This product is often used to restore a damaged or decayed tooth.It can also be used to improve the appearance of a misshapen or discoloured tooth.

Important Properties:

1. It offers both durability (metal) and aesthetics (porcelain).
2. It has acceptable biocompatibility.
3. It has good mechanical properties.
4. It prevents chips and cracks.


1. Ideal restoration for anterior and posterior crowns
2. Implant crowns (cemented or screw-retained)
3. As a retainer for fixed partial denture
4. Similar to full metal crowns

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